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All the stuff that I need to do, and you will know when I'll begin with yours! I always start with the one on the top!

1. SilveredTaleGSans
2. AkillerArt-72
3. Szarlotki
4. SilentKiller58
6. Dr-Nova
7. Sneekysniper11
8. WolfAmongKFC


Sep 30, 2016
4:32 am
Sep 30, 2016
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Sep 29, 2016
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Sep 29, 2016
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Sep 29, 2016
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What style should I make Divinity Tale? ;v; 

47 deviants said Pixel art
34 deviants said Shaded art with colour and stuff =w=
18 deviants said sketch-like~
4 deviants said Other?


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(closed) Commission Info~

Tue Aug 30, 2016, 4:27 AM
So I'm going to open my commissions again but I'll also make it possible for people to pay with PayPal, I've never done this before so I hope that it goes alright ^^;
It also isn't only pixel commissions but also shading.

I'm going to ask a little bit more for it then the last time, I want to get my prices a little higher, but I'll do it slowly ;v;

_____________________________________________________________ o O o _________________________________________________________

Pixel Commissions

Big animated pixel doll with simple colouring (more than 150x150) : 240 Points  or $3,-
Commission: Novocaine by BelieveTheHorror AT : Innocent little Flower - GIF by BelieveTheHorrorCommission: SilveredTale!G!Sans by BelieveTheHorrorCommission: SilveredTale!Sans by BelieveTheHorror
Non-animated big pixel doll with simple colouring (more than 150x150) : 200 Points  or $2,50-
Commission: Code72 Journal Doll by BelieveTheHorrorYou are suddenly filled with determination! by BelieveTheHorror

If you want to have the colouring dithered, like this -->Sir Sans says Welcome by BelieveTheHorror
You'll have to add 50
Points or $0,63- with the big Animated pixel dolls


Small animated pixel doll with dithering colouring it takes a lot of time xD (150x150) : 300 Points  or $3,75-
Confused baby Papyrus by BelieveTheHorror Plush Flowey by BelieveTheHorrorSir Sans says Welcome by BelieveTheHorror
Or without the dithering colouring : 280 Points  or $3,50-
Angry Glob - Gaster by BelieveTheHorror

                                                                                      The smaller ones are more expensive because I find them more difficult to make ;v;


Animated pixel Icons : 100 Points  or $1,25-
Commission: Time!Sans Icon by BelieveTheHorror Commission: Code 72 by BelieveTheHorror Commission: Icon Gear!Sans by BelieveTheHorror Commission: Icon SilveredTale Sans by BelieveTheHorror Gaster Icon by BelieveTheHorrorCommission: Kentari Ambrose by BelieveTheHorror Commission: Irk Morty by BelieveTheHorror

Non-animated pixel Icons : 80 or $1,-
Sans : Are you serious..? by BelieveTheHorror Sans : Dude What..? by BelieveTheHorror

_____________________________________________________________ o O o _________________________________________________________

Shading commissions

These commissions will be a lot more personal as it takes more time for me to make, which also differs per piece, and it highly depents on how you would want it. So if you want one of these please note me about what you would like me to draw so I can ask questions and the like~
You don't need to have a slot for these.

The prices will always be between 400Points  and 800Points or $5,- and $10,-

Here are some examples what I can make for you:

Undertale Dream by BelieveTheHorror Horrortale Sans by BelieveTheHorror
Human Sans by BelieveTheHorror
Hellfire by BelieveTheHorror
Still there by BelieveTheHorror


I can also make small coloured sketches : 80 Points  or $1,-
Little Sketches with Colaarh by BelieveTheHorror
Sans Art Dump by BelieveTheHorror

_____________________________________________________________ o O o _________________________________________________________

What I do not draw!
- Ponies
- Anything sonic related

What I do draw!
- Gore, it doesn't matter how, I have no problem with Gore ;3
- Undertale, I love to do these if you hadn't already guessed <3
- Anything fur and the like
- Well, almost everything except the ones noted above ;v;

You should tell me what you want when you buy something animated, the most commen things I do are breathing and blinking ;3

_____________________________________________________________ o O o _________________________________________________________

Oke, so I'll do 8 open slots, I'll begin with the first and once I've finished them all, I'll open my commissions again (:
If someone wants to do an art trade? I also do that once in a while so note me for that ;3

2. AkillerArt-72
3. Szarlotki
4. SilentKiller58

6. Dr-Nova
7. Sneekysniper11
8. WolfAmongKFC

If you have any questions just ask (:

Au Omega Flowey: Divine Flowey by BelieveTheHorror

New design for Omega flowey! It's kinda anthro-like and it has legs and a tail, I'm goin to make a full version of it but I first wanne colour this one.

Tell me if I should make this a real AU with more characters ;3 I would call it Divinity Tale, I don't think that one excist yet....

While I was drawing this I kinda thought up a story for it so here goes nothing:

Need to know stuff~
- To store souls whitin him and use their power for his own. (So basically all kinds of powers used from the souls)
- He's a nature god which means he has control over earth and plants, not animals.

-Lost soul:
A soul of a person which died or is very sick and on the verge of dying, not conected to the body anymore. They usually wander around on earth with unfinished business which can cause tricky situation. Mostly because it can be either a miracles or disasters. Only the souls all have a different power level but never as strong as a deity. This causes the miracles and disasters to always be on a small scale, never worldwide.

-Before: He was once an Malovelent Deity that ate the souls of mosters and humans, sometimes even other deities. At the time the glass of his head wasn't cracked and he ate the souls with his mouth and gathered them in is head. He stored these souls to become even more powerful, only for the sake of being powerful. This went on for as long since he exicted untill he tried to eat another deity that was stronger than him. This had never happend before as he was a really strong God. Both the souls of the deities conflicted with eachother which resulted in the loss of all the souls Flowey had gathered but also to crack his own. You can see this by the cracked glass on his head where he stored all the souls which then fled.

-After: This not only caused Floweys intire personality to flip, but also to lose a lot of his power. He used the stolen souls powers for his own which led to the fact that he could use all kinds of powers. Once his soul was cracked he became a kindhearded Diety who whould rather help than destoy. He only had one problem. Once a diety starts eating Souls of other Dieties, it can't stop. So now with his turned personality it became a problem that he has to eat the souls of monsters and humans.

-Now: Once he got used to the changes he found a solution after he got in contact with a lost soul. It was the perfect opportunity to eat a soul which he needed very fast or he would cease to excist. The soul and Flowey got into a conversation where flowey explained his situation. The soul eventually convinced Flowey to eat him which he did with great reluctance. He felt bad about it but once it was done he learned something new. Because of his cracked soul/Head, the souls could easily get out if they wanted but once in his head the effects of the souls were still the same. In return for 'eating' the soul, he would help them with their unfinished business so the can pass on to the afterlife. The fact that he is a nature Deity helps a lot.

So now Flowey is looking for Lost Souls which he can help while still getting the energy he needs from the souls. One soul at the time is enough for him to survive, even though more would be better for his health.


So that's that, please tell me what you think and if I should continue! Like, Make references for Characters and stuff, with drawings, maybe even a comic >_>
I dunno but I like the idea I have for this story so far.. ;w;

I might edit something about the design of Flowey with the way his head is cracked ;3

Please do not steal this! I though of this on my own ;-;


I'm just putting this widget here ovo...~
Mon Sep 26, 2016, 2:48 PM


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